series information

Started 2018

"The Playtime Series is just that, a playtime.

Vast exploration of different and new materials is a key focal point of these works.

Varnishes, glazes, diamond dust and mixed media are all elements that help to build and develop this series. Exiting things happen in life and how we take those with happiness and celebration is so important to being positive and this is also represented within the works of this series.

I have always been a little nervous in nature to try something new, or push my boundaries slightly, so being exited about new materials was a great starting point for this new series, and I diving in head first into these exiting products.

Using 24k Gold Leaf again with these pieces allows for a continuous element to flow across my whole body of work, not just in each individual series.

As well as the above, the notion of play was a huge element in birthing this collective.

Being able to express with materials that were out of my control to a point helped to show movement, especially when working with liquid-like materials.

Once the new varnishes/glazes etc dried out, they became hard yet shiny and this reflection of light upon the surface of the works added to the movement of each piece whilst holding hands with the super reflective 24K Gold.

Like with all of the other series I create, each piece is a one-off original and not a single print or copy are ever made.

In addition to the above, this series is a continuous development and new works will be added in numerical order of creation." - Chelsea Lee Winterbottom

For a Bespoke Commission reflecting the nature and style of this series, please do make an enquiry on the Contact page.

Close up of clear Diamond Dust

Close up of clear Diamond Dust