Series information

Started 2019

"With a new year a brand new series was born.

These works were an opportunity to dive head first into new materials and exploring their effect on emotion and the ability to play.

Using the flow of movement and mark making, I was able to express further emotional reflection onto eco paper.

Each piece is created using 100% natural eco conscious papers and the textures and thickness are heavy to form a strong foundation.

The positive Notions pieces are formed using white papers, this allows the clear mark making to jump and dance over the black background and aim to captivate the viewer. Using bright colours is a reflection on mood, each tone representing an unconscious need to express.

On top of the positive Notions pieces also features 24k Gold Leaf and black eco 100% organic natural glitter, completely plastic free. This laying effect adds to the depth of image and completion of self when expressing how I feel, my emotions are multi-faceted and therefore have a need to be shown within the pieces I create.

The negative Notion works are created using 100% eco paper with natural black dye, this is to form a darker background for the gold gilding paint to shine slightly brighter.

On top of these pieces and in subtle areas is clear diamond dust to help reflect natural and artificial lighting, the light kisses and dances off the diamond dust and bounces light around and off of the pieces. This helps to create works that constantly move, change and sing within their environments.

Like with all of the other series I create, each piece is a one-off original and not a single print or copy are ever made.

In addition to the above, this series is a continuous development and new works will be added in numerical order of creation." - Chelsea Lee Winterbottom

For a Bespoke Commission reflecting the nature and style of this series, please do make an enquiry on the Contact page.

Close up of 'Notions -1' 2019

Close up of 'Notions -1' 2019