series information

Started 2017

"Expression and texture mark making is the key focus within this series.

Reflecting emotion is an ever constant theme within my works, but with this series, attention was paid to texture in a 3D style.

The oil paints used within these works are layered in certain areas to create that relief texture and add to the depth of work.

Alongside the exploration of colour, these works also feature Gold Leaf and 24K Gold Leaf for light reflecting and additional sparkle.

The difference with this series compared to the Golden Collective series is not just the style and expression but also that these works are created on board rather than canvas.

Using a better environmentally friendly base for works with board helps me as an artist better understand and be conscious of what I use and how.

Another development that came with this new series is also the tools of creating used. For this series a variety of palette knives are used to create different and interesting marks and texture. The scarification of board with paint and emotion help to reflect emotions and self-expression, always keeping true to the narrative of why I create works.

Like with all of the other series I create, each piece is a one-off original and not a single print or copy are ever made.

In addition to the above, this series is a continuous development and new works will be added in numerical order of creation." - Chelsea Lee Winterbottom

For a Bespoke Commission reflecting the nature and style of this series, please do make an enquiry on the Contact page.

Close up of 'Affair' 2017

Close up of 'Affair' 2017