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Started 2017

"This is by far the most important creation of works I have made, the importance of this collective is more than I can ever express but here's to trying.

As someone who carries anxiety with them, life can have rather troubling times and dealing with these moments can propel a soul into chaos.

However, this series was a huge breakthrough on a career basis and an emotional one.

Being able to deal with mental health through expression is something I truly discovered whilst creating these works, and with that I can happily state that my career as an artist is thanks to this series of works.

Using primarily the notion of play, I was able to reflect emotion and self through the mark making and colours expressed upon the canvases used for the Golden Collective Series.

Each piece is created using oil paints and Gold Leaf with the focus on texture and colour blending techniques.

These early works definitely encompass one of the key inspirations into myself as an artist and that is nature. The trees and flowers from the Surrey Hills where I grew up are so prominent within my colour choices, that this series certainly reflects this and merges natural colours and tones with texture and depth.

Like with all of the other series I create, each piece is a one-off original and not a single print or copy are ever made.

In addition to the above, this series is a continuous development and new works will be added in numerical order of creation." - Chelsea Lee Winterbottom

For a Bespoke Commission reflecting the nature and style of this series, please do make an enquiry on the Contact page.

Close up of 'Golden 1' 2017

Close up of 'Golden 1' 2017