Chelsea Lee Winterbottom at RPAF (April 2018)

A Paint Love Affair

Chelsea Lee has been developing her ability and love of art since she was a child. 

Through school, college, university (Degree & Masters) and post graduate living, Chelsea has been strongly inspired by nature and the notion of Play.

Nature inspiring her colour palette and the notion of play allowing her to break the conscious boundaries of what to paint and how, are the elements that have woven the fabric of her artistic ability and this is represented within her latest works. 

Chelsea Lee often creates emotional self-portraits, allowing herself the freedom of expression on a physical level when painting with her hands.

Although there is much structure to her creations and how they are executed, Chelsea allows herself to Play when painting and ignore previous connotations of right and wrong within art.

'The Golden Collective' series and 'My Love Affair with Paint' series were the breakthrough works that established her as an artist to herself. Suffering from anxiety for many years, Chelsea creates works as a form of therapy and a way to escape or even let loose - her own version of diary keeping.

Each piece of her art is numbered from the series they are birthed, Chelsea believes this is very important as she wants her art to be open to interpretation.

Each work is an emotional self-portrait, however she will not disclose exactly what the emotions are for individual pieces as this could sway the viewers feelings of the art.


Shows & Exhibitions

  • 12th-15th April 2018 - Roy's People Art Fair - London
  • 10th-12th May 2019 - Contemporary Art Fairs - Newbury
  • 22nd June 2019 - Coldharbour Summer Arts Fair - Surrey Hills
  • 3rd-6th October 2019 - Roy's Art Fair - Truman Brewery - London
  • 2nd-5th April 2020 - Roy's Art Fair - Bargehouse - London
  • 15th-17th May 2020 - Sussex Art Fairs - Goodwood Racecourse